Distinguished Diva

This year, women in South Africa and Nigeria have taken to the streets to challenge the continued state and socially sanctioned violence that is causing the alarming deaths of women and girls on the African continent.

In the wake of the death of University of Cape Town student Uyinene Mrwetyana in August, protests erupted in South Africa against the mortal violence perpetrated by men against women and girls.Protests have taken place under the rallying hashtags #metooNigeria in Nigeria and #IAmNext in South Africa 

In July, Busola Dakolo accused Biodun Fatoyinbo of rape, a pastor of a popular church in Nigeria, attended by many celebrities and young Nigerians. Rape culture swiftly moved in and she was met with a visit from the Nigeria Police, however due to Busola’s bravery other women came forward with accusations against the same pastor.

Some sections of Nigerian society online and offline rallied behind the accused and started a name-calling campaign targeting the survivors and Nigerian Feminists. 

During a march against violence and rape in Abuja, Bioduns’ supporters organised a counter march with one counter protestor wearing a shirt with the inscription ‘Feminists are children of disobedience’, highlighting a bible verse to silence the survivors, women and feminists who are speaking up against perpetrators.

In this collaboration with Sassy Apparel, we as Distinguished Diva are taking a firm stand with all African women and African feminists who are speaking up daily and for all survivors.

We fully accept this phrase and the attributes of its nuances. If speaking up against rampant sexual abuse makes us disobedient then so be it. We know what obedience looks like within the patriarchy and we renounce it. We will not be silent, we will not be complicit in our own demise.

Some of the proceeds from this collection will go to the Ugandan based women led organisation No White Saviors (NWS). NWS are passionate about bringing change to the current state of development and ‘missionary’ work. They are currently facing backlash because they exposed the story of Renee Bach, an American missionary who moved to Jinja, Uganda at age 18. With no formal medical training, Ms. Bach started experimenting with medical procedures she had learnt from Youtube. This resulted in the death of more than a 100 babies. The NWS organisation brought the issue to the attention of the global community and are now being dragged through the legal system for uncovering this gross injustice instead of the perpetrators being brought to justice.