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December is fully upon us, I’m sure like us, you are thinking about how you’d like finish 2017 and what i possible in 2018. We have a few more weeks left to power through till we get some time off to spend with our loved ones, family and friends.

Speaking of powering through to the end, I wrote a blog on celebrating our 2nd year as a business and the things we are looking forward to like our rebranding in Spring 2018. I wrote about why I started Sassy Tees, grounding ourselves in progressive politics and looking at our stake in changing the world one tee and tote at a time.

Which leads me to our last hurrah of the year, The Sassy Box. If like me, you are always thinking of meaningful and thoughtful presents to give people during the festive season then look no further than The Sassy Box. The Sassy Box is filled with 7 items (that’s 7 separate items you could give us gifts or keep for yourself), including some limited edition items that won't ever be sold on our website. True to our form in supporting political organisation which campaign on issues we care about, £2 from each of this box will go to Abortion Rights.

In last couple of months we have heard lots of public figures accused of sexual assault and harassment from Hollywood to British Parliament. The overwhelming majority of people speaking out against their harassers and abusers have been women. That is why we have a “Believe Women” sweatshirt in The Sassy Box, because sexual harassment and assault isn’t new. Society does not believe women, especially ordinary women and that is where the problem lies.

Our “my body my choice” tote is a nod to Abortion Rights, the national pro-choice campaign. This year we celebrated the passing of the 1967 Abortion Act. In the last 50 years anti choice MP’s and campaigns alike have sought to take us back to the times where women were dying because of back street abortions because they do believe that women should choose whether to carry on a pregnancy. Abortion Rights has been fighting any and every attack on this piece of legislation. It’s does with work with only one member of staff and lots of volunteers  (including myself) however it needs money in order to continue to defend women’s right to choose. If you would like to give ongoing support or get involved, you can become a member of Abortion Rights.

We are excited about this partnership and hope you enjoy the festive season and The Sassy Box.

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